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This is a section from the middle of “Wilhemina’s War”, festival version. One of the activists we’ve been following goes to chat with a pastor, and then we go to a local barbershop to hear some men talk about how seriously they take HIV/AIDS prevention. We had so much great stuff from the barbershop, I […]

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SWITCHING TO PREMIERE PRO CC Part I: MOVING FROM FCP 7. I recently finished editing a documentary project I worked on over the course of three years. Wilhemina’s War is a story about a family living in rural South Carolina, as they struggle to live healthy lives in the middle of an unacknowledged HIV epidemic. The […]

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Since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, there has been much interest in ways to use the touchscreens for musical applications. There are apps which simulate a wide variety of studio gear – synthesizers, drum machines, effects units, whole grooveboxes, entirely new instruments, ‘four track’ recorders. Many of these apps are amazing; I particularly […]

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AC-7 Core XT It’s been about 18 months since FCP X was released as I write this, and there are many, many, FCP 7 workstations still cranking out shows around New York City. I expect folks will hang on to these systems as long as possible; I’m working on one right now. In an earlier […]

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There are a few neat little things I’ve run across as I worked this fall and winter that made my life a bit simpler as I navigated the trenches of documentary television. Runtime for iPhone was one of them. Runtime on the App Store $1.99 Runtime web site Runtime is a great take on that […]

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iPad and Media Composer: Liine Lemur Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for an upgrade. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been editing shows on Media Composer and mixing them using an iPad running MIDI Touch and Touch OSC. These tools have made working with audio on the Avid substantially easier. But there have […]

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A journey through the exciting world of taking notes on novels, textbooks and such. I’ve been looking for the best way to annotate digital reference sources I get for a while. Lots of technical manuals for Avid, Boris, FCP, my air conditioner, etc, are available in PDF format, and with the mountain of applications available […]

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In documentary and the reality shows I’ve worked on, everyone uses Microsoft  Word for writing. No one loves it, but they use it because the client requires you to deliver the script in a table with cell numbers on each line, to make it easy for the lawyers, I suppose. But the truth is that now there […]

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Earlier on this blog I showed you how to setup an iPad to control the audio mixer in Avid Media Composer – at least on a Mac. I’ve been working on a PC based Avid Media Composer for a little over a month now, running MC 6.0.1. It turns out that setting up the iPad […]

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